Oppose Discriminatory Boycotts!

Take a Stand Against airbnb

airbnb  continues to do business in Northern Cypress, Tibet, Chechnya, the Western Sahara and other unquestionably occupied lands where the true, indigenous population have been displaced.

Thus airbnb ‘s statement condemns its own practices. The only thing unique to the homes airbnb  will no longer list is that they are owned by Jews.

Sign the petition to tell airbnb  that you will no longer do business with it until it abandons this patently discriminatory, anti-Semitic practice.

We oppose discriminatory boycotts against Jews, reminiscent of both the Nazi boycott and the Arab boycott designed to prevent indigenous Jews from founding a modern country on their ancestral homeland.

Until such time as airbnb abandons this discriminatory practice, we will refrain from doing business with it and will choose from one of its many competitors.



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