The CJV has proven itself a needed voice, and now we must strengthen its impact. Will you please join us? We are grateful to have this opportunity to correct the record on Jewish values, and promote positive efforts to realize those principles in public policy – and we know that we can do much, much more, with your support.

When we issued our press release regarding the two horrific mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, we used the phrase “culture of values” to describe what America is lacking today. It is critical for young people to be educated to value and cherish human life, to help overcome violent impulses.

There is confusion today regarding what our values should be, what rights we must acknowledge. The State Department recently announced a new Commission on Unalienable Rights, to ensure the Department focused upon spreading the rights acknowledged by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence. The furious, misguided response from some on the left has proven the need for this new department.

They may claim that advanced healthcare is a “right,” but is that more fundamental than the right to clean water, much less to live in peace, unthreatened by violence? Can we even guarantee the latter at home, much less around the world? We must retain our focus on the fundamentals of freedom – the principles of life and liberty given to us in the Bible. That is what a “culture of values” provides.

Our values lie at the core of America’s moral foundation, and our goal at the CJV is to see America move closer to that core, rather than further away. We have three objectives: to mobilize Jewish conservatives, both within and beyond the observant community; to support Biblical values in the media; and to influence Congress (and state governments) through educational efforts that transcend individual legislative acts. Each of these builds upon the other – and with your help, much more can be done.

Press Releases

Rabbinic Group Criticizes Senators’ Insensitivity towards Jewish Community

Jul 30 – Two Senators, both of whom are candidates for the President’s job, described a man who instigated Antisemitic marches and even murder as spending “his life” fighting for “justice” and “to improve our nation.” It is hard to imagine a person with any sensitivity towards the Jewish community making such a statement.

Rabbis Call for Renewed Culture of Life After Mass Shootings

Aug 7 – We should all agree that the mentally ill should not have access to guns, but we should also focus upon the loss of values which has plagued America for generations. Several generations of values-free education has produced too many values-free children, in which life itself has little value or meaning.

Letters and Statements

80 Organizations Concerned About Unlawful Use of CSU Name to Promulgate Anti-Zionist Propaganda and Promote BDS

Jul 11 – While Prof. Abdulhadi has the right to express religious, ethnic or political hatred on her personal platform, it is a flagrant breach of academic conduct for her to use her administrative position and the Facebook page bearing her academic unit’s logo — which includes the name “San Francisco State University” — to do so.

Coalition Letter Supporting the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights

Aug 6 – We welcome your announcement of the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights which will ground U.S. foreign policy on human rights in America’s founding principles of individual dignity and freedoms, later reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

83 Organizations Urge Safeguards Against Political Indoctrination in California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

Aug 7 – Our organizations share all of the serious concerns raised by the Jewish Caucus. We are writing to you, however, because we believe these concerns highlight a much deeper and graver problem, namely, the fact that an educational curriculum can be hijacked by those pushing a political and hateful agenda.

Featured Op-Eds
All of our board members’ op-eds since our last update can be accessed on our website.

Sorry, Rabbi Landes: Rabbi Peretz Was Correct About Diaspora Jewry’s Problem
by Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, Times of Israel, Jul 11

The elephant in the room is that Rabbi Landes fails to say one word about intermarriage and assimilation being objectionable or problematic. In contrast, the objectionability of intermarriage and its dire consequences are exactly what Rabbi Peretz’ remarks were targeting.

How Socialism Works: (Part One)(Part Two)
by Rabbi Dov Fischer, American Spectator, Jul 9 & 11

On its face, socialism sounds so fair, especially in its latest iteration, the “Green New Deal”: To each according to his or her need — and why not? Equality of results. Equality of incomes. As a bonus, an end to climate change and cows flatulating. Let us briefly look more closely.

Don’t Underestimate Trump’s Strategic Thinking
by Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Daily Wire, Jul 16

The Democratic Party is rallying behind three of the most vicious bigots Congress has seen in decades. I am alternately annoyed at the president for engineering this and impressed by his strategic thinking for the same reason.

Rep. Omar’s Anti-Israel Resolution Proves Trump Is Right About Her Anti-Semitism
by Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Daily, Jul 22

To anyone who’s been paying attention to Ilhan Omar, this latest outrage comes as no surprise — it’s pretty much par for the course for this Somali-American socialist from Minneapolis.

On homosexuality, bisexuality, and speaking Judaic truth in a PC cloud
by Rabbi Dov Fischer, Arutz Sheva, Jul 25

In Orthodox Judaism, homosexuality is not a matter of pride. Certainly, it must never be a basis for social or employment discrimination, never for mockery. As with heterosexuality, it is a matter for privacy, no one else’s business.

The Racism of Racism
by Rabbi Dov Fischer, American Spectator, Aug 1

Racism is racist. That is to say, an observer’s own racism defines whether he accuses another of racism. And the Left is racist in a way that the conservative right cannot even fathom because the conservative right simply does not operate on racial terms.

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