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CJV Joins Coalition Letters to Four Universities Harboring Anti-Semitic Conduct

Students at Columbia University, New York University, Syracuse University and University of California Irvine are deploying a repeated and deliberate strategy to create a hostile climate for Jewish and Zionist students and, in turn, suppress any and all pro-Israel expression on campus. The CJV joined 60 organizations demanding that the heads of these schools address this harassment and violation of civil rights.

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60 Groups Thank & Commend Chancellor White and CSU Trustees

We greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter, as well as President Wong’s statement clearly noting that the post was unacceptable, that corrective action would be taken, and that the university’s web presence would be better safeguarded from such misuse in the future.

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60 Organizations Urge Investigation of SFSU Academic Program

We are writing out of deep concern for the safety and well-being of Jewish students at San Francisco State University, following the posting of an incendiary message on the official Facebook page of the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) program at the university’s College of Ethnic Studies.

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Phony Kotel Issue

Nothing could be more germane than the fact that Michaeli never prays at the Wall. She represents no constituency as she demands expansion of a space that is hardly used at present.

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Political Theater at the Kotel

Rabbi Jacobs could have prayed at the space allocated by the government for his use, but he spurned it, bent upon imposing his diversion from Jewish tradition upon those who follow it. Although but one Torah scroll is required for a weekday morning service, he led a group carrying eight, misusing them as props in his political theater.

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