What is the CJV?

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), a national organization directed by prominent rabbinic leaders, articulates an authentic Jewish perspective on current events.

The CJV, led by a Rabbinic Board comprised of seven nationally-known rabbis, is a unique voice in favor of Jewish tradition and Jewish values. Other Orthodox Jewish organizations lobby for community needs and services, or advocate uniquely for Israel, yet none speak out on behalf of traditional values here in the United States. There must be a voice from the Jewish community at the foundation of what the Western world now calls Judeo-Christian ethics — the moral voice of the Jewish Torah.

The CJV begins with the premise that something can legitimately be called a Jewish value only if it comes from the Torah and millennia of Jewish teaching.

For too long, liberal Jewish leaders, many of whom clearly place their liberalism ahead of their Judaism, have spoken without rebuttal, claiming that “Jewish values” require support for the liberal agenda. This is particularly (and most painfully) even true in cases where the supported “values” are clearly antithetical to explicit statements found in the Torah and throughout rabbinic literature. The CJV provides a necessary perspective, one rooted in fealty to traditional Jewish teaching.

The CJV promotes traditional Jewish values through writing and teaching derived from authentic Jewish thought.

Press Releases from the CJV reflect the opinions of its Rabbinic Board on matters of the day. The CJV welcomes writers who share the CJV values and agenda to contribute op-eds, which CJV staff will attempt to place in prominent publications to help this voice to be heard.

To be a member of the Coalition, one need not be either observant or Jewish — merely to support Jewish Values. We urge you to join us!

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