What is the CJV?

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV) advocates for classical Jewish ideas and standards in matters of American public policy.

The CJV begins from the premise that something can be called an authentic Jewish value only if it is rooted in Biblical and Rabbinic teachings through millennia of Jewish history. Neither spurious references to “Tikkun Olam” nor the use of Biblical verses plucked out of context transform personal views into Jewish tenets.

Existing organizations representing the observant Jewish population prioritize our needs as a unique American community, and we respect their roles and their service. Yet this leaves a critical void that the CJV aims to fill.

Modern Jewish movements which reject Jewish tradition are ill-qualified to determine or express authentically Jewish positions. The Rabbinic Fellows of the CJV have the necessary knowledge and expertise to correct the record.

American liberal Jewish movements have long abandoned Jewish tradition as their final arbiter of morality, and today declare that “Judaism” requires support for positions at odds with the Bible itself. Left-wing ideologues are quick to falsely accuse conservative politicians and officials of harboring anti-Semitic views, while ignoring the rapid growth of anti-Semitism among so-called “progressives.”

The six officers who set policy for the CJV are traditional Orthodox Rabbis who have served the Jewish and greater American communities for decades as leaders, scholars and opinion makers. All share positions on moral and ethical issues, national security, immigration, economics, education, public safety and America’s relationship with Israel that many describe as “conservative,” but which many rabbis perceive as simply following the great teachers of Jewish history.

The Coalition for Jewish Values pursues its goals through:

  • Press Releases and Policy Statements on current affairs;
  • Op-Eds by members of the CJV Rabbinic Board, Fellows, and Contributors;
  • Direct advocacy with government officials and media representatives; and
  • Public conferences and related events.

Donations to the CJV are tax-deductible within applicable limits for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. We are grateful for your support.

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