What is the CJV?

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV) promotes classical Jewish principles in public policy. We regard Jewish values as those learned from Biblical and Rabbinic teachings through millennia of Jewish history, and believe that those values still guide us today.

America’s Founding Fathers looked to the Bible to create a country where peace is valued over warfare, human life is sacred, universal education and justice are norms, no human has unbridled authority, and the values of family and social responsibility are shared. We believe these values are the building blocks of what we now describe as a first-world civilization. They made America the strongest nation of our day, and have benefited every country that has chosen to follow the same path—and there is much more that Judaism offers for the benefit of all.

In the current environment, many claim to promote a “Jewish” view. But Jewish values are not determined by the opinions of Jewish individuals, nor even by those of large Jewish groups. The classical teachings of Judaism instruct us in what Judaism stands for.

CJV is led by a board of traditional Orthodox Rabbis who have served for decades as leaders, scholars, and opinion makers within and beyond the Jewish community. Because we limit our positions to those defined by traditional Judaism, our views represent the consensus of the traditional, observant Jewish community. Our views resonate with millions, both Jews and non-Jews, in America and around the globe—hopefully including you.

Our Rabbinic Circle is composed of over 2,500 traditional Orthodox rabbis that represent the world of traditional Judaism: Yeshiva and Chassidic, Modern and Traditional, Middle Eastern, Northern African, and European. We are structured to ensure that CJV speaks clearly and boldly for the same values to which Jews have clung for millennia, and will continue to do so.

The Coalition for Jewish Values pursues its goals through mobilization, education, and advocacy: press releases and policy statements on current affairs, op-eds by members of the CJV Rabbinic Board, fellows, and contributors; amicus curiae briefs and testimony; direct conversations with government officials and media representatives, and public conferences and related events. It is clear that we have filled a void, and are enjoying exponential growth as a result.

Donations to the CJV are tax-deductible within applicable limits for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. We are grateful for your support.

We seek your energy, input, and support as we continue our upward trajectory. Please subscribe to our mailing list, and don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions and resources. We look forward to your involvement!

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