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Charlottesville and Masked Antifa, Omarosi, Brennan, Cuomo, Hillary — and Enemies of the People

During a busy fortnight when it is impossible to comment daily on the inanity and insanity of the 24-hour Fake News cycle in Year 2 of the Age of Trump, there is a certain equanimity that comes with realizing that so many of the daily crises are not crises at all, and that so much of the media screaming is like visiting an ice cream store — each day a different flavor, but all the same basic product ready to kill you.

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Pushback on LGBT

Accepting the homosexual agenda and normalizing it in our schools has engendered identity confusion among some of our youth, impaired their love of Torah and weakened their commitment to mitzvot.

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No Apologies Necessary

God does not need to apologize for His Torah, nor do we need to apologize for heeding the Torah. The Al Chet prayer for forgiveness is prescribed for those who violate the Torah and not for observance of the Torah.

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