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The Party of Bias and Bigotry

Without question, one of two individuals — Rep. Ilhan Omar and President Trump — made comments “designed to incite hatred” that are putting “life at risk.” But according to leading Democrats, that person would be the president and not Omar. One could hardly look for a better example of the inversion of morality, and of hater and hated.

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Just The Vax, Please

Our shul, together with other rabbanim and educators, met with a group of parents vehemently opposed to vaccination, together with their lawyer and doctor. As cogent as some of their arguments were, at times, the bottom line is: We all realized that we cannot support this group under any circumstances. We simply cannot support a group that helps spread disease and endangers the lives of countless others.

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As Israel Goes to the Polls Tomorrow

As the only American-style democracy in the Middle East, Israelis are a universe apart from all their border neighbors. And you can bet your farm and life savings that they have built big, beautiful border walls — and they work!

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As Israel Goes to the Polls Next Tuesday

Part One — Understanding the Parties and the System. This article does not advocate but seeks to explain to the curious reader how democracy works in Israeli national elections: specifically explaining (i) the contending parties and (ii) the electoral system.

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Obstruction of Justice

Just as it is obvious that there was no Trump collusion with Russia and that I never was involved in a bank hold up, so it is obvious that President Trump did not “obstruct justice” during the Mueller Investigation into the Collusion That Never Happened.

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