Rabbis Condemn Reform Religious Action Center Over Sharpton Invitation 

Al Sharpton set race relations back years, and helped ignite a hostility towards Jews in the black community that persists to this day. For a Jewish organization to declare such a person a ‘civil rights leader’ betrays both authentic civil rights and Jewish values.

Rabbi Chaim Goldberger Greets VP Mike Pence

Rabbi Chaim Goldberger, Regional Ambassador of the Coalition for Jewish Values, greeted Vice President Mike Pence on his recent visit to Minnesota. Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen.

Rabbis Condemn Poway Shooting and Surge of Antisemitism

Certain partisan politicians, including Jewish ones, are silent on condemning this cartoon and the hate it encourages, in exactly the same way they were silent condemning this and similar forms of anti-Semitic expression by Rep. Omar.

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Iyyar Update, May 5

Iyyar Update, May 5

To understand why our collective voice is so necessary right now, look no further than the so-called “Equality Act” now under consideration in the US House of Representatives. It turns sexual orientation and gender identity into “protected classes,” creating all kinds of issues for religious liberty, true equality, privacy and even safety.

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