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Rabbis Oppose NJ Assisted Suicide Bill

The Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act constitutes an assault on the sanctity of life and must be opposed by every caring citizen.

CJV Demands Rep. Keith Ellison Resign

Ellison supported Louis Farrakhan for years, joined him on multiple occasions as a congressman, and has been dishonest about their relationship. He has disqualified himself.

Rabbis Express Outrage at Schumer Swipe

The CJV expressed pain and offense at comments by Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) which targeted the Orthodox Jewish community, calling his remarks “a nasty swipe against other Jews, bordering on bigotry.”

The CJV: Working for You on Two Continents

February was another exciting month for CJV growth and pursuit of our mission. Thanks to your support, we impact the public policy dialogue in both the US and Israel, with both government officials and the general public.

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Separating politics from the core conversion issue

Juxtaposed against the American system of naturalization — its 3-5-year waiting period, its uniformity across the fifty states, its imposition of higher standards demanded of outsiders versus blanket acceptance of those already “in” by accident of birth — the process of converting halakhically to Judaism is hardly surprising.

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