Beacon School “Abandoned its Educational Mission, ” says Rabbinic Group

There are no two ways about it; claiming that Hamas operatives are ‘victims’ is to say that killing Jews is a peaceful activity. A school should sympathize with intended victims and not with terrorists.

“Libelous and a Disgrace:” Rabbis Deplore False Condemnations by Jewish Senators

No country in the world would hesitate to use force to protect its citizens from being overrun by an armed multitude pledging to invade and kill its inhabitants.

Rabbinic Group Encourages Senate Confirmation of Gina Haspel to Head CIA

An accurate moral calculus requires that we balance the rights of captured terrorists against those of their intended victims. The CIA used these techniques only to save American civilian lives from further acts of terrorism.

Dismantling The Palestinian Lie

In a recent, now infamous, speech PA President Mahmoud Abbas turned his attention to history’s favorite target: the Jews. This is no surprise, as the very name “Palestine” has always served to dissociate the Jews from their homeland.

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