Jewish Leaders Defend Israel’s Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz on Concern for Spiritual Holocaust

The Holocaust was a horrific physical destruction of our people, while intermarriage and assimilation are causing a spiritual destruction no less detrimental to Jewish continuity. They are by no means the same, but both extinguish the Jewish future – and repeated studies of the American Jewish community bear this out.

Rabbinic Group Slams AOC for Trivializing the Holocaust

To use Holocaust terminology regarding the refugee situation at the border is deeply offensive, and for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to first use the term ‘Never Again’ and then deny making the comparison is compellingly dishonest.

Rabbis Condemn Reform Religious Action Center Over Sharpton Invitation 

Al Sharpton set race relations back years, and helped ignite a hostility towards Jews in the black community that persists to this day. For a Jewish organization to declare such a person a ‘civil rights leader’ betrays both authentic civil rights and Jewish values.

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Sivan Update, June 4

Sivan Update, June 4

Due to our frequent contact with the Trump Administration, the CJV is on the list to be notified when the President and Vice President travel around the country. Thanks to our efforts, Rabbi Chaim Goldberger, our Regional Ambassador in Minnesota, greeted Vice...

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