Rabbinic Circle

The Coalition for Jewish Values welcomes rabbis from across the United States, and  beyond, to join our Rabbinic Circle. The Rabbinic Circle is your opportunity to join in an ongoing, off-the-record conversation about the causes we support and the initiatives we pursue.

Joining the Rabbinic Circle does not imply endorsement of what we say; on the contrary, it gives you an insider view along with the opportunity to respond critically if you feel we have erred.

Through the Rabbinic Circle you receive:

  • Important and private updates on current initiatives
  • Priority access to conference calls and special events
  • Opportunities to mobilize your community in support of Jewish Values

Membership in the Rabbinic Circle is limited to those who have pursued advanced rabbinic studies in a yeshiva or kollel (recognized as such by the mainstream observant community), culminating in either formal smicha or recognition as a Rabbi due to Kollel studies, Chinuch, Kiruv or other rabbinic duties. All applications are reviewed by the Rabbinic Board.

Membership is private and all conversations are off-the-record. We do not disclose the names or identifying information about individual participants. 

To request access, please fill out the following form, to help us know the Rabbinic Circle is right for you:

Thank you in advance for your interest!

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