Dear Rabbi,

Join us! Your participation in the Rabbinic Circle of the Coalition for Jewish Values will voice an authentic Torah perspective in general Jewish and other media.

You undoubtedly come across frequent statements by “rabbis” in the news, speaking about issues of today — and know in advance that you will be disappointed. Why are the only “rabbis” we hear, the ones speaking against the Torah? Where is the voice of observant Judaism in general public discourse? With every word they are Mechallel Shem Shamayim, and alienate those Americans who support Jews and Israel the most.

Organizations advocating for our needs (AI, RCA, OU, YI) must carefully pick their battles, so as not to offend officials who do not share our Torah outlook. This is why we formed the Coalition for Jewish Values — to serve as an independent voice for authentic Jewish thought.

Our Rabbinic Board brings together seven well-known rabbis who have spent their career advocating on behalf of our values. Why should anyone listen? Because you have joined us. While the world may care little for the view of a half-dozen rabbis, they will listen to the voice of hundreds. They will not listen to us, as much as they will listen to you.

Because our press releases must be approved unanimously by board members, you will almost certainly agree with everything we write. You will receive our press releases and bulletins via email when the media does (or, if you prefer, our weekly update), and may remove your endorsement at any time.

We will not share your name, only the total breadth of support in our Rabbinic Circle. All we ask is that you please fill out this Google form, indicating that when we speak, we speak for you.

With your help, we can say that we represent 200 rabbis or more. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Membership in the Rabbinic Circle is limited to those who have pursued advanced rabbinic studies in a yeshiva or kollel (recognized as such by the mainstream observant community), culminating in either formal smicha or recognition as a Rabbi due to Kollel studies, Chinuch, Kiruv or other rabbinic duties. All applications are reviewed by the Rabbinic Board, and you will be notified once accepted.

Rabbi Dov Fischer • Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer • Rabbi Pesach Lerner • Rabbi Yaakov Menken • Rabbi Steven Pruzansky • Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld • Rabbi Aryeh Spero

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