“I encourage as many rabbis as possible to join this organization.”

— HRH”G Rav Aharon Feldman shlit”a
R”Y, Ner Yisroel Rabbinical College, Baltimore, MD

Dear Rabbi,

If you share the goals and vision of the Coalition for Jewish Values, we invite your application to the Rabbinic Circle.

Rabbinic Circle membership gives you benefits:

  • Breaking alerts on important events and CJV news releases
  • Free access to conference calls with rabbinic and political leaders
  • The opportunity to sign on to letters and efforts relevant to your community

In short, your participation in the Rabbinic Circle of the Coalition for Jewish Values helps promote an authentic Torah perspective in general Jewish and other media. The information we provide to our Rabbinic Circle is useful both to congregational Rabbonim and anyone interested in mobilizing support for true Jewish values.

Membership in the Rabbinic Circle is private. We will not share your name, only the range of states and institutions that we represent. And all we ask is that you please fill out the following form:

Thank you in advance for your interest!

Membership in the Rabbinic Circle is limited to those who have pursued advanced rabbinic studies in a yeshiva or kollel (recognized as such by the mainstream observant community), culminating in either formal smicha or recognition as a Rabbi due to Kollel studies, Chinuch, Kiruv or other rabbinic duties. All applications are reviewed by the Rabbinic Board, and you will be notified once accepted.

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