We Need Your Help to Register New Voters
August 5, 2020

Earlier this week, an associate of ours visited with Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky, the Dean of the Philadelphia Yeshiva. Rav Kaminetsky is one of the foremost Rabbinic leaders in the Orthodox world today, and his opinion is highly regarded by all. He is very concise with his words, and this is what he appended to a letter first distributed eight years ago to encourage voting:

“כדאי להיות לסיוע להשתתף בבחירות”
“It is worthwhile to be an aid to participation in the elections”

“Reb Shmuel,” as he is known, encouraged Voter Registration and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, saying that it is worthwhile to help others to vote. And you can participate in this critical endeavor!

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We recently launched the Nahshon Project, named after Nahshon ben Amminadav, whom, the Medrash tells us, went forward into the sea until it began to part. We are “diving in” to an unprecedented effort to register voters in congregations, schools and seminaries in which the members, parents and students are supportive of our values and agenda.

To lead this effort, we are hiring a full-time person to lead the Nahshon Project at least through Election Day. And we need your help to make this possible! Your generous gift will enable us to reach out to congregations and schools in states where these voters can have the maximum impact.

Please support our efforts now, at this critical moment!

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