A Turning Point for America
October 28, 2020

America has arrived at a crucial juncture in history. At stake are nothing less than the bedrock values of every first-world civilization. “Progressivism” threatens to dominate — and this ideology has proven itself a tremendous regression for America, a destructive cancer destroying our society from within.

As a Jewish organization, we know that the Founding Fathers did not derive their ideals from Romans, Greeks, Vikings or Visigoths, but from the teachings that G-d gave to Moses and our ancestors in the Sinai desert.

It was once true that every American, on both sides of the then-current political divide, supported these values. But things have changed.

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For some, the line was crossed when people defined a sentient human being as merely a collection of cells, which a woman is free to discard without calling it murder.

For others, it was when marriage was ripped from its Biblical definition, or when doctors stopped providing psychological care, and instead encouraged the introduction of drugs and outright mutilation of the body, as a method of solving unresolved dysphoria — even for prepubescent children.

Today, there are some who believe it is preferable to deny children foster care, and keep them in group homes, rather than grant a license to a religious agency, one which requires prospective foster parents share a traditional marital union.

Others claim that the belief that G-d is watching over us, and expects a higher standard of behavior, disqualifies a person from a seat on the Supreme Court.

Still others say that a woman in a women’s shelter should be forced to choose between rooming with a biological male or sleeping out in the streets.

And still others proclaim that forcing police to stop policing, enabling shootings that primarily kill young People of Color, prevent firefighters and EMTs from reaching their homes, and open the doors for looting and arson of their businesses, is the correct way to express the fact that Black Lives do Matter.

Sadly, the Jewish left is overrun by these ideas, while much of America looks for the “Jewish view” of what is ethical and right.

Do you recognize the danger? Do you see how important it is that the CJV loudly articulate our genuine values and beliefs? Please help amplify our voice with your generous gift.

Because this battle will not end on November 3, no matter the result.

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