They’re Desperate to Shut Us Down
November 11, 2020

“Cancel culture” is alive and well, and its devotees find us, a Jewish organization promoting actual Jewish values, far too dangerous to exist.

Take a peek into the CJV email inbox and you’ll learn what they have to say — each and every one of these is real, and amount to only a sampling of the “feedback” we’ve received:

“You should be ashamed to call yourself a Jew.”

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“You and your organization is [expletive]. I am JEWISH and YOU offend me………any JEW who backs TRUMP is a traitor and a NAZI sympathizer.”

“What an evil organization.”

“Its [sic] amazing as a Rabbi that you use the cover of our religion to propagate your lies. You are a disgrace.”

“You’re nothing but neo Nazi supporting garbage and have no clue what Jewish values are.”

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are not good Jews, and those of us who try to be see that very clearly.”

This is the ultimate in “gaslighting.” They want to convince us that true Jewish values are found in progressivism, no matter what the Torah teaches us. And never before has so much been at stake, as the general culture plummets along with them.

Our efforts are clearly making their mark. What they find so dangerous — and what pro-values American think tanks find so valuable — is that we change the entire perception of “Jewish values” and “Jewish ethics” simply by articulating what we learn from Judaism itself.

Even as the other side responds with insults and slurs, we continue to stand strong against their vitriol and promote the bedrock values of Jewish thought. That is what makes the CJV unique.

And now more than ever, we must be heard. Please join us in our crucial work!

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