Filling the Void
December 23, 2020

The CJV is filling a niche that sorely needed to be filled.

The Atlanta Jewish Times said it best in their headline: “Rabbis’ Letters Address Warnock Statements.” As they explained, “a letter published by the Jewish Democratic Council of America prompted a rebuttal from the Coalition for Jewish Values.

Without us, there was no one.

Rev. Raphael Warnock is currently running against Kelly Loeffler of Georgia for her seat in the U.S. Senate. He has made numerous statements accusing Israel of not only divisions similar to South African apartheid, but accusing Israeli soldiers of intentional, wholesale murder of Arab civilians.

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We were the only organization that could rebut the attempt by partisan Jewish groups to whitewash his record of Antisemitic hostility, because they solicited signatures from left-wing rabbis and cantors. They tried to manufacture a “rabbinic” exoneration of Warnock – and would have succeeded, without our response. [Major news outlets, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the NY Post, also covered our letter.]

The CJV is the only organization that stands and represents authentic Jewish values in public policy. We are uniquely positioned to address Antisemitism and other moral issues from an authentic Jewish perspective. No one else can offer what we provide, on behalf of the restoration of the values that made America great.

On a daily basis, we prevent leftist groups from placing a “Jewish” imprimatur on progressivism. We disrupt the previous status quo, in which leftist Jewish leaders claimed that theirs was the “Jewish” view.

Your generous donation to the CJV helps us continue to reach and inform the public on authentic Jewish views of critical issues – and we remain $37,000 short of our goal for this year. Thank you in advance for your help making our voice heard during the year ahead.

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