2020 Summary: We Have Arrived
January 26, 2021

It is our honor and pleasure to present to you our year-end summary, highlighting areas of impact in 2020. We have truly disrupted the status quo.

The CJV has grown from an idea into an organization representing the broad consensus of America’s traditional rabbis. This past year our voice was heard in many areas, whether challenging antisemitic bigotry, defending religious freedom, or standing for human rights and family values. On a daily basis, we prevented leftist groups from misrepresenting their progressive agenda as the “Jewish view.”

To an increasing degree, the media was forced to take note. We added officers across the country and even internationally, and, with your help, were able to add critical staff.

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Our standing as a rabbinic group allows us to be a voice for you — fighting to uphold basic moral principles and standards that are attacked in today’s society. Please read more about the work we have accomplished in 2020, and the ways we are looking forward to advocating for you and your values in the coming year — and how your help can make a difference.

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