Philadelphia Jewish Exponent: Why the ‘Libs of TikTok’ Founder’s Jewish Identity Was Fair Game
May 4, 2022

by Andrew Silow-Carroll, Philadelphia Jewish Exponent

The Post’s statement itself comports with how most mainstream journalists would have handled the story: With her 700,000-plus followers and demonstrable impact on the right-wing media and even pending GOP legislation, Raichik’s identity and background were ripe for disclosure.

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Jewish Twitter had a separate beef with Lorenz, however, with many asking how Raichik’s Orthodox background was relevant to the story.

“Why was it crucial for @TaylorLorenz to mention the creator of ‘Libs of TikTok’ was an Orthodox Jew?” the group Stop Antisemitism tweeted. “Violent antisemitic attacks, especially in NYC, are skyrocketing. This does nothing but give an already bias lunatic more ammo to attack Jews!”

The Coalition for Jewish Values, an organization of right-wing Orthodox rabbis, said that “identifying the Twitter user as an Orthodox Jewish woman placed her at heightened risk of physical harm.”

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