JNS: Jewish organizations split on Supreme Court decision to overturn ‘Roe v. Wade’
June 24, 2022


Friday morning rocked the United States when the long-awaited decision by the U.S. Supreme Court came down, declaring an imminent end to abortion. The news was met with both relief and shock, depending on which side of the issue Americans stood. For the most part, Jewish organizations felt angered at what they believe is a civil right being taken away, while those with a Conservative bent focused on what they believe is the right to life.

More than a month after a majority opinion on the case was leaked, the U.S. Supreme Court officially released its decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overturning the longstanding Roe v. Wade ruling that guaranteed the right to an abortion at the federal level.

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Jewish groups came out in full force regarding the decision, with clear opinions on both sides of the issue.

The Coalition for Jewish Values welcomed the ruling, stating that Judaism regards all life as sacred.

“Jewish law permits abortion only in truly extraordinary circumstances. This does not describe the situation in America today, where the overwhelming majority of abortions are done as an elective procedure,” CJV wrote in a news release. “The dialogue needs to change: If everything is a human right, then in the end, nothing remains worthy of special protection. We must return to a society that cherishes human rights and human life.”

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