The Detroit Jewish News: The Implications of Imminent Iran Deal on Abraham Accords
June 21, 2022

by Nathan Vicar in The Detroit Jewish News

A group of representatives from Middle Eastern nations, as well as the United States, met in the House of Representatives on June 12 for a monumental roundtable discussion on the proposed JCPOA’s (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) repercussions on the Abraham Accords. 

The roundtable was hosted and moderated by Robert (Bobby) Rechnitz, a prominent leader who was instrumental in the passage of the Iron Dome legislation. Through his Bomel initiative, Rechnitz decided to take a preemptive strike and do all that can be done to influence every community, Democratic and Republican, about the importance of demanding transparency in this agreement in order to be fair and loyal to the members of the Abraham Accords. 

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Prominent members and organizations were in attendance, including leaders from the Israel Policy Forum, the Zionist Organization of America, NORPAC, the International Organization of Lawyers of the United Nations, the Coalition for Jewish Values, Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and Project Interchange.

All members present at this conference urge legislators to demonstrate transparency and allow for national input on the implementation of the JCPOA. It is essential to not lose sight of the peace and progress built through the Abraham Accords in pursuit of suppressing Iran. 

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