VINnews: Disappointment for Blooming Grove Yeshiva Parents as Court Reverses Busing Ruling
June 8, 2022

by Sandy Eller in VINnews

An Albany appellate court’s reversal of a previous ruling mandating busing for nonpublic school students on days when public schools aren’t in session will have yeshiva parents in the Washingtonville School District doing extra carpools, as well as creating more traffic on local roads.

The decision was applauded on social media by Greg Berck, assistance of government relations and associate counsel at the Council of School Superintendents, who categorized it as “a HUGE win!” on Twitter. But members of the yeshiva community had a different point of view of the ruling.

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“Legal counsel for Council of School Superintendents calls it a ‘HUGE win’ that children will get less education. Is this because he hates education, or because the children are Jews? Either way, think about what ‘HUGE win’ means in this context,” observed Rabbi Yaakov Menken in another tweet.

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