CJV Healthcare Council Joins Important Win for Physician Conscience Rights
August 17, 2022

Coalition for Jewish Values Healthcare Council (CJV-HC) scored a major victory this week, when, following a letter from Catholic Medical Association (CMA), the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, and the CJV-HC, the World Medical Association (WMA) rejected an effort to prohibit conscientious objection by medical professionals who refuse to engage in procedures they regard as harmful and unethical. Had the WMA accepted such a proposal, physicians could have faced serious consequences had they acted in accordance with their personal views on appropriate and moral medical care, rather than follow the progressive agenda.

“If these proposals had been approved, the impact on the ethical practice of medicine would have been profound,” said Dr. Tim Millea, Chair of CMA’s Health Care Policy Committee. “Physicians would be required to provide or directly refer patients for physician-assisted suicide, abortion, transgender surgery, and other unethical measures.”

“It was critically important that we join in this letter,” added Dr. Yehuda Mond, Chair of the CJV-HC. “Jewish medical practitioners would be harmed as much as anyone were conscience protections removed. It violates Halachah, Torah Law, to perform an elective abortion or remove healthy reproductive organs, much less to ‘assist’ in suicide, and thus such rules would impinge upon our religious beliefs and obligations.”

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