CJV joins two more amici for religious liberty
September 21, 2022

CJV is hard at work protesting intolerance and defending religious freedom for all.

When the Thai Meditation Association of Alabama announced its plans to build a Buddhist meditation center on land belonging to the Association in Mobile, Alabama, their neighbors complained. In response, the City of Mobile denied the Association the permits required for construction. The Association took legal action against the City but lost the case. Determined to safeguard religious liberty for all, CJV has joined an amicus curiae brief, arguing the district court’s interpretation of RLUIPA is at odds with the protection it was intended to provide.

A second brief backs Young Israel of Tampa, Florida. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) refused Young Israel’s efforts to advertise their annual Chanukah event on a nearby bus route. HART argued its advertising policy forbids advertisements that “primarily promote a religious faith or religious organization.” As the brief makes clear, discrimination of this kind is unconstitutional, and CJV is proud to support Young Israel in its efforts.

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