CJV’s take on growing antisemitism
October 25, 2022

CJV pursues human rights for all, but of course calls upon its special expertise with antisemitism on the rise.

CJV was asked to opine on the ongoing controversy regarding investment giant Morningstar, which is accused of discriminating against Israel through its “environmental, social, and governance” policies, which downgraded companies investing in Israel—tantamount to endorsing the anti-Israel boycott. Representing the CJV, Rabbi Yaakov Menken explained that the anti-Israel Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign is “just a new name for the Arab League boycott of 1945, which sought to punish Jews for attempting to create a refuge in their Holy Land.”

Additionally, EWTN turned to Rabbi Menken after the ADL listed antisemitic activity on numerous campuses nationwide. Rabbi Menken discussed the severity of the situation.

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