CJV: the “Respect for Marriage” Act Tramples Religious Liberty
November 22, 2022

Despite the implication of tolerance in the bill’s name, the “Respect for Marriage” Act promises the opposite. those who believe marriage is between one man and one woman would be unable to conduct business in accordance with their religious beliefs, and even schools will be threatened. All will be forced to submit to the woke secular culture’s view of morality, whether or not it conflicts with their personal religious values or the Bible.

In a letter sent to Senators, CJV highlighted that this bill gives antisemites powerful new tools, by enabling any individual to file suit based upon the law: “bad actors have previously used legislative and legal channels to threaten religious slaughter, circumcision, synagogue operations, and more, and this law will hand the same bad actors an arsenal of new weapons to use against Jewish institutions, rabbinic leaders, and individuals.”

Rabbi Menken highlighted the same ideas in a video interview conducted by the Heritage Foundation.

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Rabbi Menken gave the same information to Heritage Foundation’s publication, the Daily Signal, in a telephone interview. He added that Congress would be “explicitly declaring the Bible is wrong.” Similarly, NTD asked Rabbi Menken to explain how the bill would allow individual bad actors to go after religious organizations.

Townhall took another slant on this story, while featuring Rabbi Menken’s summary of the bill: “Here you have a piece of legislation that exposes every traditional Jewish practitioner of anything to potential litigation.”


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