Extensive Coverage of CJV Criticism of Trump’s Dinner with Antisemites
November 30, 2022

Multiple media outlets picked up CJV’s call for former President Donald Trump to condemn the antisemitic rhetoric of Kanye “Ye” West and Nick Fuentes, after he met them over dinner. Even the left-wing Jewish Telegraphic Agency, which rarely covers the CJV, mentioned it among many other organizations that condemned Trump’s meeting.

Breitbart, while noting CJV’s criticism, emphasized that “The Orthodox Jewish community was largely supportive of Trump during his presidency. Orthodox Jewry tends to vote Republican, unlike the majority of American Jewry which votes Democrat.”

The World Israel News published a piece, “Thousands of Orthodox rabbis turn on Trump for hosting antisemites,” focused entirely upon CJV’s release. WIN quotes CJV’s demand that “Trump must publicly and formally ‘repudiate the antisemitic rhetoric of two leading purveyors of antisemitism,’ and otherwise characterizes the CJV release accurately, but the title is mistaken—criticizing his silence is not truly “turning” on Trump, whose unparalleled record of efforts for Israel and the Jewish People while in office still requires our thanks.

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The Jewish Voice also quoted the CJV, and specifically Southern Regional Vice President Rabbi Moshe B. Parnes, extensively, while the Jewish News Syndicate took the quote from Vice President Rabbi Dov Fischer.

CJV notes with appreciation that it was criticized both by those who called for a true condemnation of Trump for “endorsing” antisemitism, and by those who called the CJV “traitors” for “abandoning” him. When you’re shot at from both sides it means you took the middle ground.

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