Parental Rights and Values on the Docket
November 22, 2022

CJV fought for parental rights and religious liberty in schools, with a pair of recent Amicus Curiae briefs.

The Linn-Mar Community School District in Iowa instituted a policy permitting students to make decisions regarding their gender without informing their parents. This disregarded parent’s rights to govern the upbringing of their children, as well as their religious values. Parents Defending Education filed suit against the district, and CJV joined a coalition of minority religious groups in an amicus curiae outlining the threats such a policy posed to their respective religions and practitioners thereof.

CJV also joined an amicus in another, nearly identical case regarding a “Parental Preclusion Policy” (yes, a policy keeping parents out) from the Montgomery County (Maryland) Board of Education. The policy’s endorsement of the “transgender” movement would force religious students to side with the woke culture’s view on gender transitions. And as stated in the Amicus, “A Muslim student wearing a hijab or a Jewish student wearing a yarmulke would experience additional pressure because their very appearance demonstrates sincere religious beliefs that school administrators will assume conflict with the Policy.” In other words, the policy inherently targets members of minority religious groups who wear religiously-mandated attire.

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