Post Millennial: Elon Musk to woke ADL boss: ‘Hey stop defaming me’ over Trump reinstatement
November 20, 2022

by Joshua Young in The Post Millennial

Twitter owner Elon Musk told the activist leader of the far-left Anti-Defamation League to stop “defaming” him after he announced on Saturday that Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, will be reinstated to Twitter.

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, posted, “For @elonmusk to allow Donald Trump back on Twitter, ostensibly after a brief poll, shows he is not remotely serious about safeguarding the platform from hate, harassment and misinformation,” to which Musk replied, “Hey stop defaming me!”

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Musk decided to bring Trump back after a poll of more than 15 million users indicated they wanted the former leader back on the platform.

Ian Miles Cheong responded to Musk, saying “The ADL and the coalition of ‘anti-hate’ activists acted in bad faith when they had their meeting with you because they went ahead and called for a massive advertiser boycott even before you lifted Trump’s ban. They had no intention of playing nice when you took over Twitter.”

Earlier in November, Musk met with Greenblatt and a cohort of far-left “civil society leaders” in what Musk described as a meeting to help Twitter in its fight against “hate and harassment” and to create strategies that would create election integrity policies.

The leaders wrote an open letter urging advertisers to “suspend Twitter ads globally if Musk can’t commit to enforcing the brand-and community-safety rules already on the platform’s books.”

Musk acknowledged that their letter had an impact that caused a “massive drop” in Twitter revenue due.

Greenblatt continued and wrote “[email protected]’s decisions over the last month have been erratic and alarming, but this decision is dangerous and a threat to American democracy. We need to ask — is it time for Twitter to go?”

Others on Twitter criticized Greenblatt for his comments.

In January, the ADL changed the definition of racism on its website to reflect the activist, critical-race-theory-infused version that states, “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.” Greenblatt has also been criticized by the Coalition for Jewish Values for his and the ADL’s hypocrisy and bias.

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