Rabbi Dov Fischer in The American Spectator
November 8, 2022

Rabbi Dov Fischer recently published two insightful op-eds in The American Spectator. The first explains why a Torah-based institution like Yeshiva University cannot formally recognize an LGBTQ+ Pride group:

Keep it to yourself, the way religious and secular civilized people always did in morally upright societies. Think of how the Bible speaks ever so gently about how Adam “knew” Eve. That’s enough. We get the point. We don’t need it spelled out like Cardi B lyrics or like some of the more disgustingly explicit stanzas in street hip-hop repeated over the loudspeakers at the gym.

The second discusses a proper way to respond to Kanye West’s recent outbursts:

Our Jewish history teaches us that the best revenge is to live the good and successful life and, even, to find humor in it all. We attempt to counter anti-Semitism by joking about it and succeeding despite it. The government ultimately will not protect us when the chips are down if we do not take the lead in protecting ourselves; that is the synergy of what we have learned from Nazi Germany, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the State of Israel. Don’t rely on government and don’t rely on handouts.

We hope you enjoy reading both.

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