CJV Again Recognized Among America’s Leading Values Voices
April 4, 2023

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) wanted to demonstrate widespread support for protection of religious liberty on campus, and quoted a letter from thirty-five organizations supporting the Equal Campus Access Act, which would ensure that religious organizations are treated the same as other groups.

Her press release mentions only six by name—five of which are massive groups, representing millions of Americans and having multi-million dollar budgets. The sixth, of course, is Coalition for Jewish Values.

This has happened frequently over the last year. When Rep. Anne Wagner (R-MO) introduced the “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” this year, she quoted ten organizations—eight with long histories and great resources, the Abortion Survivors Network, and CJV.  When the ADF wanted to show widespread opposition to the “Respect for Marriage Act” that passed last year, their letter with eighty signatures featured just ten—and again, all represented storied, large organizations, the upstart being CJV.

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In just six years CJV has come to the top echelon, affecting votes in Congress and public perception in a way few could have predicted.

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