Rabbi Dov Fischer in The American Spectator: On Jason Aldean the Bold, Sinéad O’Connor the Cue Ball, and a Morally Befuddled Society
August 1, 2023

by Rabbi Dov Fischer in The American Spectator

Jason Aldean does not need an Orthodox rabbi to come to his defense. My endorsement will not increase his sales of “Try That in a Small Town” in Alabama and Mississippi, and I am not sure how many extra records he will sell among those of us who love Ishai Ribo, Shlomo CarlebachMBDAvraham Fried, and Shweky. But that does not matter because his most recent message is universal, transcending national borders and ethnic, religious, and racial groups.

They can hijack cars in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. They can urinate on the streets and leave used drug needles on the sidewalks of San Francisco. They can spend all Saturday night shooting innocent kids dead in Chicago and Detroit. They can push people off subway platforms in Manhattan. They can break into stores and loot them wherever a Soros district attorney has been elected by the morons who make up the local urban electorate.

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But know this: Such human vermin are lucky that they are in the big liberal cities of woke America. Because if they were in an Arab Muslim country and tried any of that garbage, the courts would cut off their hands for stealing. They would cut out their tongues for lying. And if they raped a woman — well, figure out that one. (Hint: what Woke medical doctors and Democrats call “gender-affirming surgery.”)

And, frankly, if they were in an all–Orthodox Jewish community that is not subject to outside interference from liberal government, their criminal proclivities would be solved with plumbing equipment. Nothing to do with race. Same race, same ethnicity, same religion. That’s how they handled it in the Old Country, in the enforced ghetto when the anti-Semitic non-Jewish authorities kept the Jews all locked in behind a ghetto wall and allowed the Jews legal autonomy to handle their own civil and criminal legal matters without outside interference as long as the community met their annually assessed anti-Semitic “Jewish head tax.” In such communities, there was virtually no street crime. Because the few bad apples knew what would happen to them before they even would receive the mercy of being arrested and put on trial before a formally constituted Bet Din (Jewish court of law). They knew the warning:

Just try that in a Shtetl.

It is a mark of our times that America is so morally corrupted throughout so much of its society that it can turn on a singer like Jason Aldean, whose tough lyrics cry out a simple truth: Common, everyday people with simple normal values of decency and family will not put up with crime and violence in their communities. They don’t need ACLU lawyers to explain to them that an animal disguised as a human needs compassion, that he stole their car or held up their liquor store, or beat up their wife because he was abused as a child. That deep within him, despite his rap sheet of 21 “priors” and years in jail, lies a sweet little boy who loves his mother and yearns to emerge. All they need is a lead pipe or a motorcycle chain. Hardened criminals and animals understand that better than they do an arraignment. In three minutes, a Louisville Slugger can bestow upon them a three-year law school education in the fine points of criminal justice.

Just try that in a Shtetl.

How telling it is that the same society that would cancel Jason Aldean has lined up in tearful mourning for the recently deceased Sinéad O’Connor. Yes, she was mentally ill — deeply so — and that deserves compassion. But she was not only mentally ill — again, a serious medical illness that an enlightened society must recognize and understand — but also a social reprobate and, simply put, a nut. And, yet, how adored by a world where nuts and reprobates thrive, while decent people have to edit out of their music videos all signs of actual street violence because the woke are offended by seeing themselves as they actually are when they have been filmed live!

O’Connor refused to allow the American National Anthem to be played before her concerts. How noble! Or was it her mental illness? She shaved her head and made that her trademark. How iconoclastic and daring! Or was it her mental illness? In 1992, she infamously abused her opportunity to sing on live TV by tearing up a photograph of Pope John Paul II, a seminal late-20th-century hero who helped bring down Communism. How courageous! Or was that her mental illness? In 2018, she rejected Christianity and converted to Islam, taking on the name “Shuhada,” which means “martyr,” a term adopted commonly among murderous terrorists of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Fatah in the “Palestine Authority.” How chic! Or more mental illness?

In those segments of society that would cancel and spit out a Jason Aldean, there is nothing but love and admiration for the Cue Ball.

Irish President Michael Higgins praised O’Connor’s “authenticity.” “What Ireland has lost at such a relatively young age is one of our greatest and most gifted composers, songwriters, and performers of recent decades, one who had a unique talent and extraordinary connection with her audience, all of whom held such love and warmth for her,” he said. Try saying that in a Big Town for Jason Aldean. The Los Angeles Times called her “soulful” and an “activist.” Try calling Jason Aldean that in a Big Town. CNN remembered O’Connor as “known for her pure and crisp voice, paired with exceptional songwriting abilities that evoked her views on politics, spirituality, history and philosophy.” Try remembering that in a Big Town for Jason Aldean. New York Times music critic Jon Pareles once wrote, “But one of her gifts, as important as her voice and her power of observation, is an underlying calm that is anything but placid.” Try writing that in a Big Town for Jason Aldean.

O’Connor was proud of tearing the pope’s photo. “I’m not sorry I did it. It was brilliant,” she told the New York Times in 2021. But no, it was not brilliant. It was stupid and a manifestation of a deeply ill person, the child of abuse, who could not discern between evil mongers and those standing for a better society.

But Aldean does discern. There is not a racial word or allusion in his entire song. It speaks a simple truth: People are sick and tired of a society where Soros district attorneys have leveraged massive funding by that Personification of Evil to shower television, radio, and social media with ads to con ignorant and often illiterate voters to elect them. Then, once in office, have turned criminal justice on its head by advocating for violent criminals and leaving innocent victims without recourse to justice. There is deep anger and resentment in Middle America over these phenomena. Accused attackers were freed without bail and assaulting new victims again the same day. Felonies pleaded down to misdemeanors, and misdemeanors down to infractions, and then sentences suspended or 10-time criminals facing sentences with a rap sheet that falsely reports their prior 10 felonies as 10 infractions.

People are sick of it. It has nothing to do with color. Outside the big urban cesspools in which Democrats have presided through a century of mayoral elections in one-party decaying cities, people will not stand for it, and criminals know it. So the neighborhoods in small towns are cleaner. Families hold together more frequently, with children reared to adulthood by two married parents. Schools have no Drag Queen library hours. There are no Pride parades. Abortion, aside from legal and religious questions, is plain shameful. People sing the National Anthem, hand over heart, standing with pride. First responders are treated with respect, and servicemen and women are honored. It’s a nice way to live.

If only they would try that in a big town.

Originally published in The American Spectator

Photo Credit: Lunchbox LP on Flickr

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