VIN News: Rabbi Menken Slams Massachusetts for Denying Religious Couple Right to Be Foster Parents
August 10, 2023

by Josh Mintz in VIN News

Rabbi Yaakov Menken slammed the woke leftist government of Massachusetts, after it barred a loving couple from becoming foster parents and possible adoption, due to the fact that they adhere to traditional religious family values.

Rabbi Menken wrote: “The State of Massachusetts barred a loving couple from foster care and possible adoption for one reason only: their adherence to Biblical values regarding sexuality, marriage and gender. While in this particular case the prospective foster family is Catholic, the underlying rationale excludes Torah-observant Jews, Protestants, Muslims, and others.”

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He continued: “It’s almost like a dangerous, high stakes game of whack-a-mole—no matter how many times the courts rebuke leftists for placing their woke agenda ahead of real needs and humanitarian priorities, their bigotry against religion pops up again and again.”

“And it underscores how badly diverse voices are needed to speak up for our religious rights, including (and even especially) a Jewish one.”

Rabbi Menken described the details: “Michael and Kitty Burke, a sincere Catholic couple in Massachusetts, hope to foster a child with an eye towards adoption. Massachusetts sorely needs families like the Burkes: the Department of Children and Families (DCF) currently has over 1,500 children in group homes and other facilities. DCF even has children in hospitals not because they need medical attention, but because they need beds to sleep in.

The Burkes went through 30 hours of interviews and months of training, during which they demonstrated their excellent attitude, competence, and ability to provide a stable home. When questioned about possible gender preferences, they said that they would love each foster child regardless. In spite of this, the Massachusetts DCF denied their application, claiming that “their faith is not supportive and neither are they” of same-gender relationships or the myth of gender “affirmation.” In other words, they were excluded from foster care for adhering to their Catholic beliefs, and no other reason.

The Burkes did not demonstrate prejudice, but principles and values, coupled with loving support. The conduct of the State of Massachusetts, by contrast, is not merely repugnant, but actually evil. They would apparently prefer to see a child take up a bed in a hospital than being raised in a loving, religious home like that of the Burkes. And, needless to say, the same set of Biblical tenets would disqualify Protestants, Mormons, Muslims… and Orthodox Jews. This should terrify anyone of faith, regardless what faith that might be.”

It should be added that Mike Burke is an Iraq War veteran, a small-business owner, and Kitty is a former special-education caregiver, and small-business owner. They are willing to take in siblings, children of any ethnicity, or special-needs children, for whom Kitty Burke’s specialist training is perfectly suited.

Originally published in VIN News

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