ZOA’s Morton Klein, in JPost, uses Rav Fischer as expert on Jack Lew
August 21, 2023

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer wrote an open letter after UNSC Resolution 2334’s passage, imploring Lew to resign as treasury secretary, in solidarity with the Jewish people. This was Lew’s moment, Rabbi Fischer wrote, to earn a place in Jewish history by putting standing with the Jewish people above the high government position that Lew had attained.

Rabbi Fischer reminded Lew of the great Don Isaac Abravanel, finance minister to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in 15th-century Spain. Although Abravanel could have remained in his high position in Spain, he instead joined his fellow Jews who were being expelled.

Sadly, Lew missed the opportunity to become a stalwart Jewish hero and instead sided with the Obama administration’s hostility to the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

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See the full article in The Jerusalem Post

Photo Credit: Brookings Institution on Flickr

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