VIN touts Rabbi Menken’s criticism of ADL
September 7, 2023

An op-ed in VIN News, “It’s Time for the ADL to Remove “Jewish” from its Mission Statement,” quotes previous commentary by Rabbi Yaakov Menken:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is embroiled in yet another controversy, with the hashtag ‘#BantheADL’ recently trending on Twitter. Not for the first time, the group is being accused of defamation, and the irony speaks for itself.

One thing is clear — the ADL is heavily embedded within the radical-left, and its policies are a threat to Jewish values. It helps promote BDS supporters, at least indirectly. It is a secular group, helping to erode and decay the moral fabric of society.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken of the CJV once slammed the ADL for calling out right-wing hate groups but ignoring the vicious antisemites on the left. “There is…an amazing blind spot…an entire cadre on the left who hears the paraphrasing of Mein Kampf by Ilhan Omar and cannot call it antisemitic. They hear Rashida Tlaib call the only county in the Middle East with Jews and Arabs in its government and they…cannot recognize classic antisemitism.”

He added, “Jonathan Greenblatt…has no background in antisemitism…all he has is a background in left-wing politics.”

See the full article in the VIN News

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