American Family News: Antisemitism in America – Hypocrisy isn’t helping
October 26, 2023

by Parrish Alford on the American Family News

“We have not seen any credible threats,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters this week before turning the question she was asked about antisemitism into an opportunity to talk about the plight of Muslims in the U.S.

“Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks, and certainly President Biden understands that many of our Muslim Arab-Americans and Palestinian-American loved ones and neighbors are worried about the hate being directed at their communities,” she stated.

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A day later, Jean-Pierre expanded her care to include Jewish Americans.

“I want to make something clear at the top because I understand how important moral clarity is, especially at this time,” she began. “When Jews are targeted because of their beliefs or their identity, when Israel is singled out because of anti-Jewish hatred, that is antisemitism, and that is unacceptable.”

“There is no place for antisemitism,” the press secretary continued. “This is important to the president, it’s important to me personally, and it’s important to everyone in the administration.”

But on Washington Watch on Tuesday, Rabbi Yaakov Menken pointed out that the pro-terrorist activity is “not just antisemitic; it’s anti-civilization.”

“Everybody understands that something like rape, for example, can never be justified. As soon as you try to contextualize the rape, it’s obvious that the individual doing so is a barbarian, that that is evil, despicable. There are no two ways about it,” he posed. “Over here, you have people justifying rape on a mass scale that also included crimes like beheading – not only beheading soldiers, but beheading babies – and violence against not only women but the elderly and children.”

“When you find people marching in favor of all that, you definitely see that America now has a problem,” Rabbi Menken reasoned.

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