Rabbinic Group Commends President Biden for War Response
October 19, 2023

Coalition for Jewish Values, representing over 2,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in public policy today praised President Biden for his staunch support of the State of Israel in its war against Hamas. Both his rhetoric and actions have demonstrated loyalty to Israel, despite opposition from members of Congress, universities, and certain world leaders.

“President Biden has responded to the State of Israel at her time of need,” said Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, Chairman of the CJV Rabbinic Circle. “In a world that pretends Israel has no right to exist, much less defend itself, Biden has shown tremendous moral courage at a key moment, despite criticism from his own party.”

Biden has been unequivocal in his condemnation of the Islamist terror organization, Hamas, for the atrocities committed, even saying that its barbarism “is as consequential as the Holocaust. He added that “We will not stand by and do nothing again. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” 

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White House Press Secretary Karnine Jean-Pierre similarly insisted that “there are not two sides here.” and denounced the rhetoric of those in the infamous “Squad,” who claimed that rapes and beheadings were “resistance,” as “repugnant” and “disgraceful.”

The President has backed up those words with actions, sending two aircraft carrier battle groups to the eastern Mediterranean while warning Hezbollah and their Iranian masters to not join the conflict.

“While many are trying to find excuses to demonize Israel and justify barbaric evil,” observed CJV President Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, “President Biden is pushing back with moral clarity. We look forward to his continuing support for Israel and moral clarity throughout the conflict until Hamas is utterly and permanently eliminated.”

Photo Credit: U.S Embassy Jerusalem on Flickr

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