Rabbinic Group Launches Ad Buy Urging Corporations to Drop BLM
November 21, 2023

Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 2500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in American public policy, today announced the launch of a $60,000 digital ad buy calling upon major league sports teams and corporations to drop their past support for antisemitic Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizations. This comes in the wake of BLM groups celebrating the horrific pogrom against Jews and others in Israel, including mass sexual assaults, beheadings, burnings, and other atrocities. In the past, BLM was actively promoted by NFL, NBA, and MLB teams, and given large donations by major corporations such as Nabisco, Unilever, Amazon, Nike, and Disney—despite poor oversight into how the money was being spent.

“It is unacceptable that those selling entertainment and products to decent Americans should donate the proceeds to cheerleaders for terror,” said CJV Vice President Rabbi Dov Fischer. “We oppose discrimination of all kinds against all peoples, while Black Lives Matter organizations have demonstrated consistent hostility against Jews that betrays their purported mission.”

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The founders of Black Lives Matter groups shared antisemitic sentiments at the outset, but after the massacre of Jews in Israel on October 7 openly celebrated the horrific crimes committed. BLM Chicago notably shared a meme depicting a paragliding Hamas terrorist, referring to those who descended upon a music festival and gunned down, raped and kidnapped hundreds of attendees.

“BLM never hid its antisemitism,” intones the narrator of the CJV ad. “Instead of condemning them, major corporations supported BLM. Sports teams provided millions of dollars in publicity and promotion as well. Today, BLM stands with Hamas and stands with the terrorists who murdered over 1,400 Jews in Israel. Who still stands with BLM?”

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