Rabbi Dov Fischer in The American Spectator: Arab Muslim Foreigners and Illegals Stoke Campus Anti-Semitism
November 14, 2023

by Rabbi Dov Fischer in The American Spectator

When a bunch of animals at Massachusetts Institute of Technology barred entrance to Lobby 7, the main access to the university, illegally trespassing, MIT’s gutless president initially announced she would suspend the criminal trespassers. Then, presumably after consulting with whatever DEI and Black Lives Matter consultants she needs to please, she melted faster than the Wicked Witch of the West during Hurricane Hillary. No suspension.

Why the change?  Uh, “visa concerns.”

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I have been writing this for years because, as an Orthodox rabbi, I have a built-in anti-Semitism Geiger counter. The outbreak of overt Jew hatred on American campuses directly results from our vast importing of Arab and other Muslim foreign and illegal students. Just look at Europe. We have known since 9/11 that they don’t belong here, and their visas would be canceled if suspended from school.

We bring in Muslim Arab students from Saudi Arabia, they attend our air pilot classes, and then we wonder why we lost 2,753 at the World Trade Center and 224 at the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In 2021–2022, we took in 18,206 from Saudi Arabia; 11,779 from Nepal; 10,597 from Bangladesh; 9,295 from Iran (!); 8,772 from Pakistan; and 5,923 from Kuwait. That’s over 60,000 just from those. Foreign students are golden geese for universities because they pay full freight, no affirmative action or other scholarships.

We have heard about the 30-plus Harvard student groups who signed their support for ISIS-Hamas. Not everyone at that campus supports Islamist terror. First, there are the Chinese kids who miraculously manage to get in despite the racist Harvard Chinese Exclusion ActsStudents for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, 600 U.S. 181 (2023). They almost all are serious-minded, nose-to-the-grindstone, hard-working STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students who will outshine their peers after grad school. Also the Koreans, the Japanese, and the Vietnamese students. Obviously, the Zionists (synonymous with all Jews, except the standard Trotsky wing who cling to us Jews like parasitic barnacles). Most Harvard students are focused on getting great grades and making a great life. 

So who are the 30-plus hate groups? Think of the 60,000 who do not belong here, denominated two paragraphs above, as you scan the list:

  1. African American Resistance Organization
  2. Bengali Association of Students at Harvard College
  3. Harvard Act on a Dream
  4. Harvard Arab Medical and Dental Student Association
  5. Harvard Chan Muslim Student Association
  6. Harvard Chan Students for Health Equity and Justice in Palestine
  7. Harvard College Pakistan Student Association
  8. Harvard Divinity School Muslim Association
  9. Harvard Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association
  10. Harvard Graduate School of Education Islamic Society
  11. Harvard Graduate Students for Palestine
  12. Harvard Islamic Society
  13. Harvard Law School Justice for Palestine
  14. Harvard Divinity School Students for Justice in Palestine
  15. Harvard Jews for Liberation
  16. Harvard Kennedy School Bangladesh Caucus
  17. Harvard Kennedy School Muslim Caucus
  18. Harvard Kennedy School Muslim Women’s Caucus
  19. Harvard Kennedy School Palestine Caucus
  20. Harvard Muslim Law School Association
  21. Harvard Pakistan Forum
  22. Harvard Prison Divest Coalition
  23. Harvard South Asian Law Students Association
  24. Harvard South Asians for Forward-Thinking Advocacy and Research
  25. Harvard TPS [Temporary Protected Status] Coalition
  26. Harvard Undergraduate Arab Women’s Collective
  27. Harvard Undergraduate Ghungroo
  28. Harvard Undergraduate Muslim Women’s Medical Alliance
  29. Harvard Undergraduate Nepali Students Association
  30. Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee
  31. Middle East and North African Graduate School of Design Student Society
  32. Neighbor Program Cambridge
  33. Sikhs and Companions of Harvard Undergraduates Society of Arab Students

Three questions:

  1. What are they doing in our country?
  2. Who decides to let them in?
  3. How do we get them out?

Count the number of pro-Hamas groups above with the name “Muslim” or “Arab” in it. Then “Nepali,” “Chan,” “Bangladesh,” “Bengali,” and “Pakistani.” Many of them are duplicates, overlapping paper lions. It’s like the Biden family’s interlocking corporations. Several of those groups will all share mostly the same people. It’s not 33 groups, really. And how many of them are here illegally? There you go, Occam’s razor: all explained.

Suddenly, it’s not what it seemed. It’s not 31 groups of ROTC students and business majors. Not to mention the feared “Harvard Undergraduate Ghungroo.” What is that? A game like Parcheesi or Jenga? Heck with them.

And then the “African American Resistance Organization.” Oh, how scary and intimidating! Wait till they try to get jobs with that on their résumé, and the job interviewer is a White privileged Christian woman named “Karen” or a member of my synagogue. African Americans who got DEI’d into Harvard, proclaiming themselves “The Resistance”? What a joke!

So who’s left? Yeah, they all are, but who … remains? Now that we have that handful of Saudis, Kuwaitis, and other hate-America Muslim and Arab students composing those 613 interlocking Muslim and Arab “Palestine” student groups, plus the TPS “Dreamers” (i.e., illegal immigrants), who else? The two “South Asian” groups? Guess what’s in South Asia? Yep: the same Pakistan, Nepal, Bengali/Bangladesh, and Sikh crowd. Been there, done that earlier. Thus, all the 30-plus groups basically are from a handful of hate-America Arab and Muslim countries, plus “temporary protected status” students who do not belong here in the first place, plus one Ghungroo (whatever — a new non-binary gender?), plus the de rigueur group of sicko “Jews for Liberation” who basically attack Israel to aggravate their hated parents because Mom and Dad gave them at age 13 a $100,000 bar mitzvah party with half-naked strippers, then a $250,000 Ivy education, but never spent time listening to them when they were growing up — so now they finally have their attention.

This drek permeates student bodies because universities no longer focus primarily on expanding students’ minds through encouraging inquiry and engaging in dialectic. None of that “thesis, antithesis, synthesis” stuff. Not even teaching the logic of the Woody Allen syllogism conveyed by Boris Grushenko in Love and Death:

  1. Socrates is a man.
  2. All men are mortal.
  3. [Therefore] All men are Socrates.

Instead, today’s universities are cash cows. Harvard, for example, has an endowment of $51 billion. Last year, it took in $5.8 billion. Of that, $2.6 billion was from private donations. The average tenured professor at such places makes $150,000–$200,000 a year. Harvard’s average of $193,400 for full-time tenures is comparable to Stanford’s average of $206,300, and both are below MIT’s average of $240,000. UC Berkeley’s average is $176,100 and the University of Michigan’s is $165,200. Most of these people do not earn but sure do make a lot of bucks. It is a racket in many, if not most, cases because the professors enjoy an arcane benefit: tenure — they cannot be fired, no matter how incompetent, as long as they do not physically endanger or engage in “moral turpitude.”

Under tenure, they can teach — or not teach — whatever they like. They can read Dr. Seuss’s rhymes or Harry Potter to their math or political science classes, presumably to convey voices of oppression. They create one-sided, loaded syllabi with reading lists chock-full of Marxist theory and anti-American, anti-White critical studies. The universities, secured by (i) their tax-exempt endowments, (ii) inflated salaries for those of their tenured professors who do not earn it, and (iii) tenure itself, devolve into dens of iniquity and sloth: moral and intellectual sloth. Here is a snippet of what transpires in an MIT math class:


The intellectual Right has been exposing much of this for decades. Consider William F. Buckley writing about his years as a devout Catholic at G-d-less Yale or my experiences as an Orthodox Jew at Columbia University a score later. Nevertheless, it has been impossible to penetrate left-wing mainstream media with these concerns, and most Republican political leaders have abandoned their conservative voters on this field as well. Even Ronald Reagan failed to rein in the University of California meaningfully when he was governor, though he did clamp down with law enforcement on UC Berkeley rioters. Texas Gov. Rick Perry knew the federal Department of Education had to be closed; he even remembered what it was called. But only Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seriously has ever used gubernatorial power to challenge college tenure, shake up boards of trustees, set conservative curricular expectations, ban DEI, and close down illegal student groups at state colleges.

No one else has gone after them effectively. Instead, the Left has created a self-perpetuating academic monopoly throughout most universities, hiring their own, blacklisting conservatives, and throwing “adjunct teaching” and “lecturer” crumbs to conservatives while reserving tenure slots for their fellow travelers. Students get brainwashed by going four years without ever being exposed significantly to most serious conservative thought, instead being fattened like foie gras —and stuffed — with the writings of radical Third World revolutionaries who promote jealous falsehoods about White privilege and colonization and deconstruction of ideas.

No one cared on the macro scale until ISIS-Hamas struck. So, thank you, Israel. Thank you for offering 1,200 of yours to be slaughtered and some 240 to be kidnaped by ISIS-Hamas so that Americans finally can be shocked en masse by the realities of America’s campuses. We now see it. The campuses have too many students who do not belong in America. They have brought their hate with them.

So what should we do?

  1. We bestow enormous tax breaks and federal grants upon academic institutions with billions. That must stop.
  1. We offer federal student loans that leave taxpayers at risk for billions. We instead should require that the universities themselves be the lenders. We see they have the money. If they teach quality academics, their students will emerge armed with the tools to succeed in life, and the schools will be repaid with interest. By contrast, if the schools teach junk, their loans will become junk bonds, and they will not be repaid reliably if they send their borrowers into the world with degrees in Transgender Climate Diversity Racial Studies.
  1. Tenure must end. Professors should be hired, as other professionals are, for a few years at a time, then they should need to apply for rehire. If they are good, they will be most qualified for rehire. But they will have to demonstrate that they have remained abreast of the literature, been producing quality scholarship, and been receiving good student evaluations.
  1. Groups like “Students for Justice in Palestine” and “Jewish Voice for Peace” (the latter comprised substantially of non-Jews) and all others that advocate illegal activity or give succor to enemies of our nation must be banned from campuses.
  1. Any foreign student, including so-called “Dreamers,” who advocates for or offers succor to enemies of our nation, disrupts a class or a campus accessway or breaks any law or regulation of the state, county, city, township, or campus should be deported immediately upon conviction back to his point of origin.

Originally published in The American Spectator

Photo Credit: Joe Catron on Flickr

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