The Washington Times: Heritage leads conservative task force to combat ‘recent wave of antisemitism’
November 22, 2023

by Valerie Richardson in The Washington Times

A who’s-who of U.S. conservative organizations has formed a national task force to fight antisemitism at home and abroad, underlining the growing chasm between the staunchly pro-Israel right and rising anti-Israel and pro-Hamas sentiment on the left.

The National Task Force to Combat Antisemitism is dedicated to combating “the recent wave of antisemitism in America and worldwide,” according to the Wednesday announcement by the Heritage Foundation.

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“The coalition will identify, highlight, and combat the malicious groups behind antisemitic activity while working to bolster Americans’ physical safety, religious liberty, civil society, and vital interests abroad, particularly relations with the state of Israel,” said the statement.

In addition to Heritage, the coalition’s founding members are the America First Policy Institute, Coalition for Jewish Values, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, In Defense of Christians, Independent Women’s Forum, Latino Coalition for Israel, National Association of Scholars, Philos Project, Regent University, and the Steamboat Institute.

“There is no place for antisemitism in our society, and this task force is committed to doing its part to root out this evil,” said James Carafano, senior counselor to Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts and E.W. Richardson fellow, in a statement.

The groups joined forces in reaction to the Oct. 7 attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas, which prompted Israel to declare war. Pro-Palestinian student groups and others celebrated the massacre, while U.S. antisemitic incidents spiked by 400%.

Originally published in The Washington Times

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