Rabbi Schonfeld on Newsmax: Hanukkah Marks Triumph of ‘Good Over Evil’
December 7, 2023

by Sandy Fitzgerald on Newsmax

With the first evening of Hanukkah beginning Thursday night, Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, the president of the Coalition of Jewish Values told Newsmax that this year, with the war between Israel and rising antisemitism in the United States, it’s important to remember that what’s going on is a “matter of good over evil.”

“[I] have four sisters living in Israel,” Schonfeld said on Newsmax’s “Newsline.” “They have children and grandchildren in the Army, but they report to me that the spirit is remarkably high in Israel … we outside of Israel, may be more concerned and even downtrodden.”

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But with Hanukkah beginning Thursday night, that’s the “celebration of not just the few over the many, which is what happened when this tiny Jewish army defeated the mighty Greek army, but it’s as we say in our prayers, it also represents the good triumphs over the evil and that’s what we’re having. That’s what we’re having at this time,” he said.

And everyone who understands what is going on in Israel, “understands that this is a matter of good over evil, and we remain optimistic,” said Schonfeld.

“We have hostages, which is awful,” he said. “We have those who are mutilated, which is awful. We have now over 80 soldiers who died in service, which is awful.”

But the nature of Hanukkah, he added, “is to be one that’s lit up and we’re trying to be as upbeat as we can, even as we face horrible antisemitism, as you know, here in this country. We have a lot of good friends.”

Meanwhile, some people say they are concerned about placing the lit menorah in their windows, as is traditional, and Schonfeld said he understands why people are reluctant and scared in the current situation.

“Maybe it is wise to withdraw a bit,” he said. “I would like people to be as public as they can so that we’re not submitting [or] cowering.

“So, if I can implore you, wear whatever Jewish garb you have, whether it’s a yarmulke or if it’s a Jewish star, to just continue going that way,” said Schonfeld, and to display the menorah publicly if one feels comfortable doing that.

“I know some people have had beautiful displays over there in their windows and now this year, they’re retracting,” he said. “I can’t blame anybody, but I implore you that if you can, please do.”

Originally published on Newsmax

Photo Credit: Ted Eytan on Wikimedia Commons

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