Fox News: House members press Biden to withdraw court nominee with ties to 9/11 hijacker sympathizers: ‘Grave concerns’
January 26, 2024

by Brianna Herlihy on Fox News

group of House Republicans are urging President Biden to withdraw a controversial nominee who has ties to 9/11 hijacker sympathizers.
In a letter obtained by Fox News Digital, a group of 10 GOP members who represent districts over which the Third Circuit Court of Appeals presides wrote to the president about judicial nominee Adeel Abdullah Mangi, who has garnered significant criticism from lawmakers for troubling affiliations.
The “grave concerns” raised by Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., and nine of his colleagues from Pennsylvania and New Jersey stem from 2019 to 2023 when Mangi served as a member of the board of advisers for the Center for Security, Race, and Rights at Rutgers Law School.
The center has a “deep history of amplifying antisemitic speech, terrorist propaganda, and anti-American rhetoric,” the lawmakers said in the letter.
“During his tenure as a board member, the Center supported efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel by pushing for the boycott, divestment, and sanction (BDS) movement and calling for resistance in Palestine,” they wrote.
“In 2021, the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey stated that one of the Center’s events sought to ‘delegitimize Israel and to push their antisemitic agenda into a mainstream discourse.’ The Jewish News Center, among other organizations, labeled a 2021 center event as ‘pro-Hamas’ and a ‘terrorist-whitewashing webinar.’”
The Coalition for Jewish Values, the Zionist Organization of America, Americans Against Antisemitism, and others have thus opposed his nomination.
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Photo Credit: The White House on Wikimedia Commons

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