JNS: What they really mean when they cry ‘Islamophobia’
January 19, 2024

by Jonathan S. Tobin in the Jewish News Syndicate

Jewish groups like the ADL and AJC that rushed to the defense of someone like Mangi are giving the lie to their claims to be defending Jews against the hatred that’s become so obvious since Oct. 7. The ZOA and others, like StopAntisemitism and the Coalition for Jewish Values, that opposed his nomination were right to do so.

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All hatred based on religion is to be deplored. The Mangi nomination battle, however, shows that most of what is labeled Islamophobia are attempts to call out antisemitism from Muslims. While American Muslims as a group should not be wrongly labeled as promoters of Jew-hatred, the agencies that purport to speak for them—namely, CAIR and institutions that claim to be defending their rights, like the center at Rutgers—are integral to the movement that has mainstreamed antisemitism, sending its supporters into the streets and onto campuses to spread hate against Jews. The lesson here is that in the current political context, crying “Islamophobia” is just a way to make us discount that antisemitism, as well as to shut up those trying to draw attention to a problem that can no longer be ignored.

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Photo Credit: Ted Eytan on Wikimedia Commons

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