Leading Rabbinic Group Strongly Supports Emergency Israel Military Aid
February 5, 2024

Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 2,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in American public policy, today welcomed introduction of the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, a House bill by Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Ken Calvert (R-CA) to provide emergency aid to Israel as it works to rid the Gaza Strip of the Hamas terror organization. CJV President Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld made the following statement:

We commend Chairman Ken Calvert and Speaker Mike Johnson for introducing this important effort to provide emergency military assistance to Israel. The Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act deserves immediate and bipartisan support. Hamas still holds 130 hostages in Gaza, including U.S. citizens, while its Hezbollah allies, also funded by Iran, launch near-daily terror attacks against Israel from Lebanon.

When a democratic ally is working to counter a genocidal threat to its citizens and, indeed, to America, it is literally a life and death situation. This is not the time for callous debates about offsets or fiscal austerity. It is unfortunate that certain well-meaning Members of Congress are, on this basis, finding common cause with others who want the terrorists to win. We encourage all Members to come together and expeditiously support this important bill.

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