Front Page Mag: Sen. Schumer Attacks Trump’s Comments on Israel
March 22, 2024

by Daniel Greenfield in the Front Page Mag

After Sen. Schumer took to the floor to the Senate floor to claim that Israel, along with Hamas was an obstacle to peace, and to threaten that unless there was regime change and a terror state in Israel, there would be sanctions, he’s back complaining about President Trump’s comments.

Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, president of the Coalition for Jewish Values, stated that Schumer, rather than Netanyahu, has “lost his way” and the senator “is using Netanyahu as a bogeyman for hatred directed against Jews for having the temerity to defend Jewish lives.”

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“Every Israeli, and every committed Jew, recognizes the malignant hatred of those calling Israel ‘genocidal’ as it eliminates a genocidal terror organization, or calling for a ‘ceasefire’ to permit the terrorists to regroup, rearm and again murder the innocent,” Schonfeld added. “He should apologize for his counterproductive interference in Israel’s democratic governance and self-defense.”

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Photo Credit: Senate Democrats on Flickr

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