Rabbinic Group: Why are Media Outlets serving up Terrorist Propaganda?
March 4, 2024

Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 2,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in matters of American public policy, today questioned why media organizations were serving up terrorist propaganda. This came after a series of outlets reported as fact the claim that Israel had fired on Gazan civilians attempting to access a humanitarian aid convoy, a claim both lacking in verification and now robustly contradicted by an analysis of the incident by the Israel Defense Forces.

CJV Vice President Rabbi Dov Fischer made the following statement:

Although there are many conflicts between first world defense forces and terror organizations, only Israel is routinely falsely accused as it defends its civilians against those who aim to kill them. What we are seeing now is al-Ahli Hospital 2.0, recalling when, just a few months ago, the media reported that Israel had fired at that hospital, the hospital had been struck, and over 500 had been killed. In reality Palestinian Islamic Jihad had fired the missile in an effort to kill Israeli civilians, it fell short into the parking lot of the hospital, and the resulting casualties were a fraction of what was reported. But after outlets worldwide were so utterly duped, here we are again.
Basic journalistic standards (and a modicum of intelligence) would demand that similar accusations from sources like the Hamas-controlled Gazan Health Ministry be deemed suspect pending independent verification. But somehow, when it comes to Israel, some seem more interested in presenting terrorist propaganda than in maintaining basic standards.

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