CJV MO Visits MO State Capitol
April 2, 2024

Last week, ten members of CJV Missouri, led by Rabbis Smason and Goldson, visited legislators in Missouri’s State Capitol in Jefferson City. They met with members of both houses in order to inform the legislators about CJV MO, who it represents, and the values for which it stands. CJV MO also engaged in crucial dialogue regarding legislation or proclamations that are aligned with CJV’s principles.CJV MO used this opportunity to thank the legislators for their staunch pro-Isreal stances and commitment to Judeo-Christian values.

Some of the congresspeople included Rep. Mazzie Christensen,  Rep. Adam Schwadron, Sen. Caleb Rowden, Sen. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Rep. Hardy Billington, Rep. Jonathan Patterson, and Rep. Dean Plocher.

Left to right: Daniel Lefton, Rep. Mazzie Christensen, CJV-MO Chairman Rabbi Ze’ev Smason, Dov Axelbaum, Howard Loiterstein, House Majority Leader Rep. Jonathan Patterson, Sarah Glickfield, Suri Botuck

CJV Members observe voting on SCR 24 & 25 urging “full and unequivocal support of Israel” in U.S. Congress. The resolution passed 30-0.

Left to right: Joel Ehrlich, Dan Swindell, Richard Senturia, CJV-MO Exec. V.P. Rabbi Yonason Goldson, Sarah Glickfield, Dov Axelbaum, Suri Botuck, Howard Oppenheimer, Sam Freedman, MO State Senator Bill Eigel, MO State Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Daniel Lefton, Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

CJV-MO contingent meeting with State Senator Bill Eigel, a strong friend of the Jewish community and Israel. Between Sen. Eigel and Rabbi Smason: Jim and Linda Conrady.

Following a meeting with Rep. Brad Hudson, a fervent supporter of Israel and sponsor of important child-protection legislation.
Left to right: Sarah Glickfield, Suri Botuck, Rep. Hudson, Rabbi Smason, Howard Oppenheimer, Dan Swindell.

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason thanking Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman for sponsoring SCR 24 & 25, as described above.

CJV meeting with Rod Jetton, Chief-of-Staff of Rep. Dean Plocher, House Speaker and sponsor of the House pro-Israel resolution.

Meeting with Rep. Hardy Billington, House Majority Whip.

Rabbi Smason and Howard Oppenheimer meeting with Rep. Jonathan Patterson, House Majority Leader and House Speaker-elect for 2025.

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