Rabbis Offer Strong Support for Israel Security Assistance Support Act
May 13, 2024

Coalition for Jewish Values, representing over 2,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in American public policy, today expressed strong support for the Israel Security Assistance Support Actintroduced over the weekend by House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee Chairman Ken Calvert (R-CA). This bill will block efforts by the Biden Administration to withhold key weapons systems from Israel if it conducts large-scale operations in the Gazan city of Rafah. Israel has said entering the city is required in order to dismantle the remaining Hamas battalions holed up in tunnels beneath it.

CJV President Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld made the following statement:

Hamas, which has already violated every ceasefire to which it ever committed itself, has declared that it will repeat the massacre of October 7 if given the opportunity. Israel is fighting a genocidal adversary, and failing to eliminate this threat guarantees that Hamas will murder yet more innocents. We thank Chairman Calvert, Appropriations Chairman Tom Cole, and all those working to ensure that Israel is given the necessary resources to finish the existential battle thrust upon it by the murderous terrorists of Hamas.

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