VIN News: Joel Petlin Slams ‘CUNY LAWYER’ Antisemite Fatima Mohammed After She Rants Against Jews
May 28, 2024

by Baruch Green in VIN News

Community askan Joel Petlin slammed Fatima Mohammed, after she apparently called for an escalation of violence against Jews. In response, Mohammed mockingly taunting Petlin with personal attacks (consistent with her vicious demeanor), while refusing to respond to the substance of his points, which were spot on.

At that point Petlin pushed back and decimated Mohammed.

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The Twitter war began when Mohammed, known for her infamously venomous speech at last year’s CUNY Law School graduation filled with hateful anti semitism, was seen on video this week calling for an escalation against Jews.

Petlin, an Orthodox Jew who is outspoken on Twitter, as well as Superntendent of the Jiryas Joel School District, tweeted: “Fatima Mohammed is calling for “an escalation” against Jews, just like she did in her CUNY Law School graduation speech. When people tell you who they are, they shouldn’t be allowed to practice law.”

Mohammed responded to Petlin’s tweet in condescending, insulting and demeaning fashion, writing: “joel, and i’m going to hold your hand as i say this, the age of falsely screaming antisemitism when people condemn your genocidal cult project are long gone. you’re going to have to get more creative.”

Petlin substantively replied:

1. The only one “screaming” is you, Fatima. It’s on every video of your protests, like the time you were screaming outside the windows of a NYC hospital that treats cancer patients.

2. Calling for an “escalation” is a signal to your friends who block Jewish college students from attending their classes and who vandalize Jewish restaurants. You want to Globalize the Intifada and increase violent protests in New York and elsewhere. That’s the textbook definition of Antisemitism, and your dangerous rhetoric should be a red flag for the @NYPDCT and the

3. I would never hold hands with someone who supports Hamas terrorists and who condones the October 7th massacre. That is the real “genocidal cult.”

4. On the basis of your complete lack of character and fitness, you should NEVER be permitted to practice law in any State in the USA.”

Not knowing when to walk away and cut her losses, Mohammed meekly replied: “cope and seethe, joel”

Petlin brilliantly replied: “Fatima had 9 hours to come up with a response to my four points, and the best argument she could come up with is “cope and seethe.” Her three years in law school were obviously wasted.”

Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Managing Director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, weighed in as well, tweeting: “Two things we know: 1, finding a pretense to blame the Jews for being hated is a classic tactic of the antisemite. And 2, it is always used to justify genocide. A genocidal rapist and axe murderer like you belongs nowhere in the courtroom, except the defendant’s table.”

Originally published in VIN News

Photo Credits: LisaBPhoto on Flickr

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