Happy Birthday!

Today, February 7, the CJV is three years old. We have grown from an idea to an organization representing the broad consensus of America’s Rabbis at the highest levels of the US Government. Our influence and reach continue to expand with your support and participation, so thank you for being part of our ongoing effort to properly represent authentic Jewish values in public policy.

One of the most prominent news items affecting the Jewish community over the past month was, of course, the President’s new “Peace to Prosperity” vision for peace in Israel. We were asked by several people if we were planning to make a statement, and then to explain why we declined to do so.

The CJV only takes a position on those issues where we believe that the Torah mandates a particular viewpoint, whereas a political plan must take into account different and often contrary views. The Trump Administration has been an outstanding friend of Israel and Jewish interests, and “Peace to Prosperity” contains numerous truly refreshing statements acknowledging facts and circumstances that many in both Europe and the Arab world have preferred to ignore. It also is very politically astute, taking into account the current leadership in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Gaza and surrounding countries. But as ideological purists, we cannot endorse a proposal that has Israel give up territory to create a “State of Palestine” in Eretz Yisrael, in exchange for guarantees of safety, security and cooperation that no Arab leader can provide, either now or in the foreseeable future.

Finally, I am happy to share that I have launched a new podcast, Moral Heritage, discussing today’s issues and “how the nation’s ethical and Biblical foundations can inform our views.” While it reflects my personal views, rather than those of the CJV as an organization, it will also offer you a more frequent glimpse into the issues we are working on, and our decision-making. It is already available in most podcast directories, so I hope you’ll try it out.

Press Releases

Rabbis to Reform Rabbi Rick Jacobs: Don’t Claim to Represent Diaspora Jewry

Jan 7 – The Reform movement has turned against Israel and lost its core audience, and the reason Rabbi Rick Jacobs dislikes Ms. Hotovely is that she is far too perceptive and honest about the true state of American Reform movement.

Rabbis Warn Against Emboldening Iran

Jan 9 – This resolution, passed at this time, would complicate the war on terror, put many lives at risk, and, in the CJV’s view, frustrate the Biblical vision of a just and moral world.

Letters and Statements

Letter to Maryland Senate Pres. Bill Ferguson RE:Pro-Abortion Amendment

Feb 6 – To ensconce abortion as a right in the Maryland Constitution would trample the views and values of Marylands who regard abortion as an abhorrent practice, better left with its partner, infanticide, in the annals of history.

Featured Op-Eds
All of our board members’ op-eds since our last update can be accessed on our website.

To Stop Hateful Attacks On Jews, Oppose The Ideology Behind Them
by Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Daily Wire, Jan 8

The march was not merely useless, but from my perspective it was actually counterproductive; it provided cover for those spreading bigotry to proclaim, “look, we love Jews!”

AOC: All One Candidate
by Rabbi Dov Fischer, The American Spectator, Dec 10

Which part of her devout “as a Catholic” devotion leads Nancy Pelosi to be a leader in promoting abortions, gay marriage, and the Obama–Democrat agenda she shepherded? Where was this “as a Catholic” when the Little Sisters of the Poor were fighting their way to the Supreme Court of the United States, seeking SCOTUS protection in Zubik v. Burwell in 2016, from Pelosi’s Obamacare?

The Deal of the Century: Cautious pessimism
by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Arutz 7, Jan 29

What the Trump Plan has accomplished is force the Palestinians to confront their suicidal ideology and genocidal ambitions head on. That won’t be easy for them, and they will likely be unable to overcome their rabid Jew hatred.

The Deal of the Century
by Rabbi Dov Fischer , American Spectator, Jan 30

For anyone committed to the indivisibility of the Land of Israel, the proposal is a non-starter. For Americans wondering why we need to help create yet another Arab terror center in the Mideast that reliably will vote against us in every United Nations forum, and that will become yet another magnet for Iranians to smuggle in weapons and to train anti-Western terrorists, the proposal likewise is a non-starter.

What Happens After the Palestinians Reject the Peace Plan?
by Rabbi Dov Fischer, Israel Hayom, Feb 4

The Palestinians are likely to say “no” once again and refuse to compromise on one inch of land they claim for themselves in Judea and Samaria. Will this be an opportunity for Israel?

Completely Tearing Up — Over the Best Week in the Entire Trump Presidency
by Rabbi Dov Fischer, The American Spectator, Feb 5

Even Nancy the Ripper couldn’t spoil it.

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