Widespread Coverage after CJV Condemns NYC Jewish Museum’s DeSantis Ban
May 10, 2022

CJV issued a statement that condemned the Museum’s leaders for politicizing their brief as guardians of Jewish heritage and memorializing the Holocaust. CJV noted that the Museum of Jewish Heritage is no stranger to hosting politicians as speakers. When the Museum hosted then-candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she had already received the endorsement of openly antisemitic Democratic Socialists of America and publicly traded in anti-Israel libels.

CJV’s position drew notice from news outlets reporting on the controversy. The rabbis’ statement appeared in a piece published in the JTA and Times of Israel:

The Coalition for Jewish Values, a group of right-wing rabbis that formed in the wake of Trump’s election to advance conservative political ideas, issued a statement “castigating” the museum. “It is hard to see this decision as anything but politically motivated, and directly contrary to Jewish interests as well,” Rabbi Moshe Parnes said in the statement. “As a Floridian and a rabbi, I can say that one would be hard-pressed to find an elected official more attentive to the Jewish community than Ron DeSantis.”

The CJV statement was also covered in World Israel News and other Jewish outlets.

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In the clip below, CJV Managing Director Rabbi Yaakov Menken discusses the controversy on “The Lars Larson Show.”

Photo Credit: American Friends of Lubavitch Chabad.

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