Rabbi Menken on The Lars Larson Show: CJV Condemns NYC Museum’s “Politically Motivated” DeSantis Ban
May 10, 2022

In an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal, Elliott Abrams and Eric Cohen revealed that New York City’s Museum of Jewish Heritage recently refused to host the upcoming Jewish Leadership Conference if it included an address by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

CJV issued a statement that condemned the Museum’s leaders for politicizing their brief as guardians of Jewish heritage and memorializing the Holocaust. “It is hard to see this decision as anything but politically motivated, and directly contrary to Jewish interests as well,” said Southern Regional Vice President Rabbi Moshe B. Parnes.

Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, Chairman of CJV’s Rabbinic Circle, called the Museum’s appeal to “inclusivity” and social justice while demonizing and excluding a conservative voice an abuse of language that is at odds with true Jewish tradition. “The Jewish heritage is one of free and open discourse, and holding ideas up to the light of critical examination,” Rabbi Gordimer noted. “We should expect better from an institution called the Museum of Jewish Heritage.”

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In the clip below, CJV Managing Director Rabbi Yaakov Menken discusses the matter on “The Lars Larson Show.”


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