No Omar, No Tlaib, No Farrakhan, No Left-Wing Jew-Hate: CJV Pans CNN Special and Draws Coverage
August 31, 2022

CNN’s special, “Rising Hate: Antisemitism in America,” had the chance to illuminate growing Jew-hatred on both sides of the political aisle—and beyond. Instead, as CJV’s rabbinical board pointed out, it erased Orthodox victims of left-wing antisemitism and their lived experience, especially in New York, and the only “rabbi” quoted as an expert was a well-known apologist for bigotry disguised as support for “Palestinians.”

For this reason, the condemnation issued by CJV found itself in many different media outlets, especially those reaching the very audience that CNN neglected.

United with Israel, covering CJV’s release, said that CNN’s report was “receiving glowing coverage and accolades for raising awareness about Jew-hatred in the U.S,”  It then highlighted the numerous “glaring omissions” and CJV’s take on the dangers of that failure.

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The Jewish News Service highlighted the statement by CJV Southern Regional VP Rabbi Moshe Parnes that CNN “failed to speak with a single Orthodox rabbinic leader … and hid from its audience the predominant cause of the current crisis.”

The CJV Press Release was covered in its entirety in Baltimore Jewish Life and Israel National News. The statement offered much-needed clarity on an issue muddied by politics and drew coverage from the Daily Caller, Jewish Voice, NewsMax, United with Israel, Israel National News, VINNews, Matzav.

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