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An Awakening At The Forward?

Given her experience with blatant Anti-Semitism couched as “Anti-Israel” protest, one might have expected Opinion Editor Batya Ungar-Sargon and her colleagues at The Forward to have had an awakening – to have finally recognized the true nature of anti-Israel activism and started vigorously defending the Jewish state from its enemies. Sadly, one would have been wrong.

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The New Stalinism

Democrats set their target in 2016, immediately following the stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump: Impeachment. The goal came first and the search for evidence came later. And this is where the comparison to Stalinism is not merely appropriate, but frightening in its precision.

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The Greatness of Donald Trump

In balancing all that he comprises, we focused in November 2016 on greatness. Eight years of Obama — incompetence, weakness, economic malaise, societal decay — left us focused on restoring greatness. Thus, even Christian pastors, devout Catholic theologians, and Orthodox rabbis vigorously support Donald Trump. The free world’s last great hope is America, and she was in peril.

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Am I the Only One Who Does Not Give a Rat’s Patoot Over the Ukraine Garbage?

It deeply concerns me that colleges today have departed from the academic ideal of teaching and exposing students to conflicting ideas so that fresh young minds can evolve with exciting antipodal thoughts to weigh for themselves, as they learn to think creatively and to weigh a thesis and antithesis to arrive at a synthesis of their own. Under the guise and fraud of “academic freedom,” professors with lifetime tenure force down their students’ throats their leftist mantras, their one-sided reading lists, their politically biased out-of-classroom assignments.

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What Happened to the Missing Me?

Somewhere around the 10th day of my disappearance, amid missing “Eggos,” the letters begin. Some are addressed to my publisher and editor: “What happened to Dov?” Others come into my own inbox: “What happened to you? I miss you. Answer me!” People really care, and I appreciate it so much that I get to read them in my own lifetime: “I miss Dov. Is Dov still writing? Where did he go?” And the tone is so sweetly different from the reactions of my political adversaries and former in-laws.

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Israelis didn’t vote for a national unity government

In a world where “figures don’t lie, but liars can figure,” no data could be more revealing than the true numbers of votes cast. Israelis did not vote on Tuesday for a “national unity government.” Rather, some 26 percent voted for the Blue & White party, which promised to keep Benjamin Netanyahu out of government. On the other side, nearly twice as many Jews voted for a right-wing government.

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