Rabbis Welcome New HHS Regulatory Provision Supporting Free Religious Practice in Foster Care

The new proposed rule is a win for all Americans, and especially for vulnerable children in need of foster care services. That a religious organization should be able to serve the public while acting in accordance with its beliefs is a key part of religious freedom.

Coalition for Jewish Values Calls for Pollard Freedom on Humanitarian Grounds

Given his wife’s health and need for assistance reaching treatment locations, pharmacies and even basic needs, the current extreme limitations on Mr. Pollard’s movements are not merely an unjustified part of a disproportionate sentence, but are also causing him and his family unnecessary hardship during a very trying time.

Rabbinic Group Criticizes Democratic Candidates for Shunning AIPAC but Attending J Street Conference

US support for Israel has always been bipartisan – but that notion is undermined and vitiated when respect is given to anti-Israel organizations and denied to pro-Israel groups.

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Elul Update, September 9

Elul Update, September 9

A press release from this month and accompanying op-ed demonstrate the urgent need for the CJV, why a rabbinic group in particular must fill that need, and the political potency of the results in current public policy debates -- as well as the need for further growth...

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