Rabbis Celebrate Trump Executive Order on Religious Liberty

President Trump’s new Executive Order on religious liberty is a clear win for all Americans and all faiths. It is indeed the end of an era, and it comes not a moment too soon.

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Are Liberal Jewish Lawmakers “Clueless on Anti-Semitism?” Prominent Rabbis Say Yes

This is yet another shameful accusation of anti-Semitism from Jewish Democrats against those whose views do not conform to their own, as if Judaism and liberalism were one and the same.

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Rabbis Accuse Tufts University of “Fostering an AntiSemitic Environment”

Tufts administrators took sides in a manner that neatly inverted the haters and the hated, and thus directly contributed to the environment which led to the grotesque and underhanded passage of an anti-Semitic student government resolution on the eve of Passover.

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Passover: A Message of Personal Responsibility

The Sages of the Talmud and classical rabbinic commentaries view Passover not only as a celebration of the physical freedom attained by the Hebrews enslaved in Egypt over three and a half millennia ago, but also as a celebration of the freedom to abide by the divine moral law and the freedom to rein in one’s personal inclination to sin.

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